Thursday, November 19, 2009

Did somebody say Rum?

A work in progress shot of the current moly book I'm working on, LOL. It's a monster luau...the one laying in his drunken stupor had one too many Mai Tai's. Mmmmmm, Mai Tai...who's bringing the rum?

Monday, November 16, 2009


I received some bad news from the Boyfriend last night....all the hard work I put into creating a new design for my portfolio site was in vain. Yes, because I am a ding-bat and didn't pay attention to the specific size needed for a new header image. I just went along on my merry way and kept coloring in this cute little design I've been sitting on. Hmmm, seems I never follow the rules, doesn't it? Must be developing a pattern, LOL. So this is the image I had intended for my header but the specs are all wrong so now it's going to be used somewhere else...maybe the home page...not a total loss but now I'm back to square one to create a new image. Ay yay yay!