Sunday, February 7, 2010

As my previous post stated, I had originally planned on posting pictures of what I have been working on these past few months. Well, I guess to show proof I’ve actually been working and not just neglecting this bad boy. But it seems there were a few problems with the pictures I took and I had to wait to get images from the recipients of said gifts. This first image was for my mom. She is all crafty and a quilt-making freak (I say freak in a good way, not like she's some strange species, let's get that straight), so I really wanted to make her something that she could display in her sewing room....only it turns out there isn't a whole lot of wall space left in there...I would show you a picture but then she might turn on me and no more sewing any-whoo....
This next image, the one all done up in pink, was for my sister, Stephanie. She loves pink, loves clothes and so I created a little girl’s biggest dilemna, “what to wear?” I hand drew little dresses onto patterned paper and hung them from a clothes line. She loved it.

Also, if you look below, you’ll see the painting I made for my dad. From the time I was in first grade until my youngest sister graduated college he had us playing softball. He got stuck with three daughters, he made sure we were into sports :) Anyway, the picture I created is his three girls on a softball bench, one spitting sunflower seeds (that would be me), one blowing a bubble (Ashley), and one sipping on some water (Stephanie). These are all the photos I have at the moment, I will have more to follow very shortly…so thanks for checking in.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HUGE blog post soon to come...

I have been away from my blog for far too long. Although, I promise I have a really good excuse. Well, not that good I suppose, but I have been busy, busy, busy. Making art, art, art.

I will post oodles of pictures later today to show you all the work I've been up to since my last November!!! (hides in shame)

In the mean time, I'll announce that my blog will soon be moving over to my website...which is still under construction :) I've managed to get all my blog postings over to the new site, including pictures and comments. However, my galleries are still not up yet. The most important part of an artist's site is the galleries, right? and yet goofy me, left them till last.

Why am I not surprised :)

I'm still working out a way for my wee bunch of followers to not have to subscribe to a new blog roll, but at the moment I'm not sure if it's actually possible. If need be I may just continue posting in both places until a better solution presents itself.

Have a great day and please, check back later.