Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Brenda and mi Mamacita!

January 28th is an interesting day in our family. Not only was it my Grandma Betty's birthday but it's also my Mom's. I know how weird is it that my Dad married a woman with the same birthday as his mother....crazy. And yet, in junior high I met and befriended this crazy little hispanic girl, Brenda, in gym class whose birthday was also on 1/28. Years later (sixteen to be exact - damn! are we old!), I'm still friends with Brenda and still find it amazing that I am surrounded by this goofy birth date, LOL. Anyway, it's always tough trying to figure out when we're getting together with mom or for me, with Brenda to say Happy Birthday and give them their gifts. This year was no different but it all worked out. Brenda is the big 3-0 this year, so it was kind of a big one....and her lovely sister in law, Chrystal, threw her a surprise party. Being the artsy girl that I am I had to do something special to mark the occasion and since Brenda doesn't have a lot of things on her apartment walls I figured a little bit of framed artsy-goodness would be appropriate. I looked on line for quotes about friendship and finally stumbled across one I thought was perfect. Here was her birthday surprise:

And for my Mom, I made three little cartoon portraits with painted frames. Her whole house is basically country quilts, sewing garb or my Dad's baseball and vintage car knick-knacks. So it's safe to say RED is everywhere. Not to mention it's only like her most favorite color in the whole wide world, LOL. So here they and my two younger kids (you know when we were still cute and adorable).


BlankDaze said...

Aww Kelley, you are the bestest friend a girl can have. I wouldn't trade ya in for nothin'! :o)

This was the coolest gift, and yes I cried. I love that I got another special gift from you. I bet one day I will have a whole wall with your artwork.

And, by the way, this little dark girl (ha ha) still has the first drawing I pestered you for that rainy day in PE in the 7th grade! :o)

I didn't know that your grandma had the same b-day too? How cool! I think you must name your first born daugther January then. How can you not? I love that this grandma who shares the same b-day also shares her name with my future mother in law. Crazy.

THANK YOU so much for my gift. I loved it so much and I loved my cake too. (Shout out to BusyLiz for making the B E S T friggin' cake
e v a!!
And I loved that it had big dots, not the little ones that creep me out. yes people I have issues.)

busylizzy said...

Oh my gosh Kelley, Brenda's picture came out really cute. Love the hand over the mouth. So adorable. You know I love my pictures too. I like Brenda's comment. Better to name your first daughter January than to name her 28. LOL

Rose Hudson said...

Awwwh Brenda's drawing is so sweet! and I love the little saying in it hehe! Your mums gunna lve those portraits too, their so cute! Your such a giver!

mushroommeadows said...

Those are adorable gifts!!! I like the cracked-up egg. hehe

ARIS said...

lovely!!!!!!! :) i like your drawings! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
a lot of kisses

ojaiquilter said...

Ohhh, those are the most precious gifts. And the saying on Brenda's is so special. I love your blog.

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