Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another octopus, another moly...

My monster-moly group over on flickr has been amazing. It was the first group I joined and to date has been the most successful, we are actually just past the halfway mark and I should be getting a completed book back in about, oh, I dunno four or five months, LOL.

This latest entry is for Esek's book, and has come all the way from Greece! It's stopped in Italy, Spain, Mexico and is now on it's way to it's third stop in California. When you really stop to think about it, the journey these books go on is so fascinating.

Anyway, here is my entry...with a similar looking octopus from my last entry, LOL, but you know, different. For instance this one is a different color...and look! he's wearing a sailor hat, LOL!!

Anyway, enjoy! And here are a few blurry pics of the progress this book has made so far:


busylizzy said...

Now I know I'm biased but I love your artwork better then some in the moley. I suppose the different mediums each person uses makes a difference. Your drawing is so whimsical and your eye just goes from spot to spot looking at every detail in the picture. Great drawing Kelley. They are lucky to have a piece of your art in their moley!

Kelley said...

awww, thanks mamacita!!