Monday, November 10, 2008

It's official....I'm Loco for Gocco!!

For my birthday last year, my parent's bought me a Gocco machine I was just dying to have! I had all these grand plans to start an Etsy business and make and sell my art....well I got the machine and then promptly got swept up in a ton of other moving and work, then moving again. Yikes, it was a nightmare. Anyway, last week my mother sends me an email and says, "Get busy" so I did :)

I got out the Gocco and took it to her house and started printing away. You to make the mess at Mom's place rather than my own (hee hee). So here they Christmas elves. At some point I would love to go the Etsy route and get a little shop set up, but at the moment I'm afraid I have too much on my plate and would need help getting that whole mess started. So for now they live here on the blog and of course some of them will be given to friends and family at the holidays...who knows - maybe I'll discover I have readers besides my regular three and someone will want to purchase one or request a custom Gocco for the holidays...Wow, that would be awesome!!


BlankDaze said...

Here's your first request! Sooo friggin' cute Kelley!

busylizzy said...

Kelley, they came out soooo cute! Let me know when you're in full production. I'll place my order. lol