Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I have an announcement....ahem...ahem...are you listening??

Okay, so the super secret Ugly Baby Studios game I've been working on for months...You know the one I hinted at here and here? The same game that has occupied all my free hours doing research, painting, doing more research, coming up with concept art for background work and all that jazz? Well I've finally completed the first finished piece of concept art and entered it into a contest!! Woot!! You heard me right...now I don't know if I'm in yet, so I won't get myself too excited...but I entered and am anxiously waiting until June when I'll hear if the judges have selected my piece or not.

This actually turned out to be a much longer process than I had anticipated...the character went through a few revisions and ultimately came out looking like an awesome zombie pin up girl. I'm rather happy with it :) And the work I'm doing for the Exhumed XBox Community game is REALLY pushing my artistic boundaries, which let's face it - that is ALWAYS a good thing. Please, take a look at the new site...there's not much to it yet, but keep coming back and checking in on updates...more concept art to come, that's for darn sure!!


Rose Hudson said...

wow kelley this looks amazing! The background looks fantastic, the moon blends in with the sky so well! What did you use, watercolour? And the zombie girl looks ace! Really nice colours you've used and the lighting from the moon that comes on the girl looks perfect to me :) really nice work, good luck with the comp!

Kelley said...

I actually watercolored and inked the whole thing, then went in with some white gouache for the moon...but I wasn't getting the right shadow effect with the watercolors so I scanned my painting into photoshop and brightened up her zombie dress and heels and got those shadows going the way I wanted them to.

busylizzy said...

Cool picture Kelley. Amazing what you can do that you don't even know you can do. You are just tapping into your creative juices. Keep `em coming.

mushroommeadows said...

hehehe this is a really clever piece. I love how confident the lady zombie is! :)

By the way, I printed out the invitations with my HP inkjet. The paper was probably the most important factor in getting crisp images. I used this type of paper: Epson Matte Paper! It's like card stock, but it prints out beautifully.

It's pretty pricey to print out too many invites because of the ink cost, and if I were to do it again, I probably would go to an office store to get them done. :)

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...

Hi Kelley,

Great work and imagination.
Besides the need to have good drawing skills (at least I find that important for an illustrator), what I most admire is the imagination and creativity.

Kind regards,


locowhiteboy said...

sweetness! I love it! AND I love this blog! ps. thanks for the craigslist advice. I had no idea to look there!

Kelley said...

Wow, thanks you guys!!

Karen Lovelady said...

Hey Kelley, It is good to see some of your art. I will be checking back again! You are so very talented! Karen Lovelady