Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And the game continues to move forward...

Hello all! With the Holiday season upon us, I just wanted to show some of the progress on the Ugly Baby Studios game project I've been helping with. If you follow my blog, you may remember me mentioning my work for UBS before, here. Up to this point, most of my contributions have been in the pre-planning or concept stages. Character sketches, mostly. It's definitely one of those projects or assignments that I would consider a challenge. It's not my normal style or process, so the challenge has been a fun one. I thought I would take this time to show you one of the background paintings I've just finished for one of the XNA game's levels. XNA being the programming framework that these guys use to get the job done. That's the limit of my knowledge on that, so no questions, please, hee hee.

This was all done on the computer....ahhh, so nice to paint digitally. No clean up afterwords, lol.

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Gifts of Creation said...

wow, interesting to see what a professional artist has as a daily challenge...I like it!