Monday, December 8, 2008

Molie Update, Part One.

So clearly I am infatuated with the moly exchanges. They've almost become "the other man" at home, I'm kidding, the boyfriend gets a kick out of them too. Plus he feeds my ego every time a new one comes and says, "yours is much better than that," AWWWW.
Anywhoo, my friends and coworkers are all quite familiar with my little projects. They ask about them, love to see them when they arrive, it's great. I must say, however, I'm probably the most impatient of all, wanting to know where my books are, you know like every other day?? As if it can bounce all over the world in a matter of nights. It's not hitching a ride on Santa's sleigh, hell, I know that...but I just want them all back and filled up because it so much fun to see how they're evolving. So I'll do a break down of each one, so you can see the progress...this early in the game, some may only have one or two entries, but at least you'll get a chance to see how they started if you missed my earlier posts.

My first exchange....was Monsters! Since it was my first attempt at the exchanges I was a bit nervous and ended up flubbing up on this...this isn't the final version...if you look closely you can see where I painted over one of the monsters.

and this is Katya's entry following you can see I have some dark swirlies leaking over on to her pages :) Right now it's on it's way to the east cost for more monsters.

The Wonderland Exchange. This was the exchange that I got to choose the topic...Wonderland has been on my mind a lot lately...and I've alwyas really liked the there you have it.

above are my intro pages....just a little extra wonderland for everyone to see.

and of course my opening pages...looking at them now I should have done more to fill up my book, but I can always add more on later towards the end if there is still space left over. Below is Rose's entry in my book...I just love that little slouch...I couldn't be more pleased.

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Gifts of Creation said...

What an exciting idea!! It looks like you are having a great deal of fun..sounds like a way to stay creatively inspired...I would like to look into this..