Sunday, December 28, 2008

Agh! It's been eleven days since my last post!!

How can this be? Well, you know Christmas was here and like a good little procrastinator I waited till the last possible moment to do my Christmas shopping and work on my hand made gifts. Okay so only a few people got the handmade stuff, but I've been busy :)

Anyway...just wanted to show my latest ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap. One of my moly exchange buddies and I did a private swap...I asked her to add to my very small Alice in Wonderland collection (you know, my collection of one whole card, LOL) and she asked me for animal card...preferably owls, she asked. It's funny how many people like owls lately...well maybe they've always liked them, how am I to know?

So here it is my Hooty Owl for Elvia.


busylizzy said...

Kelley, that little guy is a cutie. I bet your swap buddy will love it. Glad to see you drawing so much. You're not getting rich but you're having fun and challenging yourself.

Kelley said...

I'm not getting paid for this stuff?!? What the hell!

ojaiquilter said...

I love your owl, everything you do is tooo cute. Even your background paper is cute. I too am glad you are drawing more.

Elvia Montemayor said...

Thank you!!!! I love it!!! I am still working on your alice in wonderland ATC.