Saturday, January 3, 2009

My First Entry for the Portrait Exchange

So this is my first entry in someone else's moly for the Portrait Party. The Portrait Party is part of the International Moleskine Exchange. This is Glaucia's book, she's from Dublin, PA and has two adorable little boys. She also has one of those short, funky hair-do's that was way fun to draw :) is my entry in her book.

I looked though a bunch of Glaucia's photos to find something that would make for a cool composition. I finally found one of her painting a canvas up close and it reminded me of me...the way I get really close to the canvas or the paper I'm working even though it was a profile view...I managed to get a reference shot of myself and have the left handed artist and the right handed artist meeting in the center, LOL.


busylizzy said...

Very cool Kelley. I bet she's going to love that. Great job!

Gláucia Mir said...

i looooove it! So Liz was right! I love the quality of your line. I love the composition, the controlled use of color, and the wonderful distribution of black around the page to move your eye! Super! And I like how I look like a comic book character a little. Suoer artist to the rescue!! :) Thanks for such a nice drawing. Can't wait to get the book back!

ojaiquilter said...

Kelly, I can't believe how you have captured yourself in that drawing. It's great. Your Auntie