Wednesday, January 28, 2009

DOH!! I almost forgot...

If you've followed my blog for uhm....let's say more than a day, you'll know that I start a ton of new projects on any given day. Do I always finish those projects? Uh, sometimes...but not always. Seems, there is always something new just around the corner. I can't even help it, I just get completely sidetracked and sucked it to new ideas and concepts and they just take over my brain, lol.

Anyway, this year I made the resolution to finish what I start. I had these adorable concept sketches for the new layout of my portfolio site. It was all circus/sideshow cuteness. Well, I got the concept sketches done...even some finished sketches. I went so far as to actually scan them into the computer, woo hoo. And that's where they have been sitting ever since.

So last night, after dinner, after my trip to the store for toilet paper and milk...I came home, sat down on my laptop and started plugging away on the new header for my site. And what do you suppose happened?? I dropped the circus designs I had for a completely new look. But, this one was simpler, more illustrative and I really like it. Pictures soon to come...I promise!

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busylizzy said...

Can I have your old pictures? LOL Print them and sell them on etsy. Think dollars $$$$$!