Monday, January 5, 2009

To My Valentine

Yesterday afternoon I headed over to my mom and dad's to work on some Valentine cards. Why go to their house? Well that's where my Gocco was. I've been wanting to start an Etsy shop for awhile now. However, I tend to start about a billion different things and then get sidetracked and/or busy and put them off until I remember and/or get frustrated with myself.

Case in point...the adventures of my Molies, LOL. I wanted to start the Etsy shop months and MONTHS ago... then discovered the Molies and quickly joined four exchanges. Well, now that I'm in the midst of waiting on Molies to arrive...I figured I'd better take this opportunity to start up that shop while all my side-projects are moving at a snails pace.

Okay so here's a detail of the Gocco Valentine print I've created:

And here is the mess I made in my mom's craft room. The whole point of going over to my Parent's house was that my mom has a craft room and a giant dining room table. Both of which I do not have at my apartment. Sooooo, off I went to use my Gocco and covet her space. Well us, being the brilliant chicks that we are needed a place to store the prints while they were still wet. I'm still new to this so I don't have things like drying racks or ways to hold up my we used this:Yes, those are the mini blinds...and they worked great! I don't suggest this if you're printing anything that has much weight to it...but for the fifty plus cards I had printed it was just dandy!!

So those are the printed pieces. At work today, I'm gonna cut out everything, on my lunch break of course, and try to assemble a mock up of the finished card...stay tuned! And who knows maybe if he's really nice to me the Boyfriend will get one for free, LOL! Awww, I'm so sweet, LOL.


Candace Trew Camling said...

these are fantastical!! Great job! And good use of blinds!

busylizzy said...

We're so smart Kelley! I wonder what else you can use blinds for? I guess hanging taco taco shells to let them cool might be kind of messy, huh? LOL

ojaiquilter said...

I love this print. I stole one from your Mom actualy she said it was a mistake but it looked cute to me. Thanks.

Gaia Bordicchia said...

This illo is absolutely adorable, Kelley! Love it!!
And you have a Gocco... ooooh you lucky lucky girl! I've been wanting one for ages :D