Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Bling Bling Mermaid

So here is my latest ATC. I made an online trade with Glenda Tkalac of Canada...she sent me a vintage pinup girl, which was great. And in return, she asked me for either a vampire or a mermaid. So I picked a mermaid. Here she is:

Made with ink, watercolor, and acrylic gold paint for the tail. There is also a stickie rhinestone for her necklace. You know...just a little bling bling for the mermaid :)


JAN said...

beautiful art shes so cute and whimsical

busylizzy said...

Very cute Kelley. the stone is a cute idea. I bet the person you're trading with will love her!

BlankDaze said...

has it really been more than 4 days since i was on your blog? whoa. Well what a great surprise...that mermaid is soo cute! If she were a doll I'd go buy her for my non-existent child. Can't pass up a great buy, LOL

Seriously though, this is so great! I think you should make of book of all the work you've done in '08. You know scan pics in and upload them onto like photoworks or sites like that and have a book made. It would be so cute! I'd totally buy one. It could be my "coffee table" book.

Start scanning now. By the time you're done scanning I will have scrounged up some change to order my very own "Kelley Originals" LOL

ojaiquilter said...

looking at Lazydaze blog makes me think of how us quilters keep a journal of our finished quilts. You should do that with your art even if it is just a picture like on this blog. They you can see how you have progressed. I love looking back at projects. I love your little mermaid. Your characteres are really evolving.

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I like the draw it's very cute, I'm gonna save the image for my daughter's cellphone, thanks