Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have been a busy girl...let me rephrase that...I have been a VERY busy girl. Normally I try to update the blog regularly...if you look at the last date of posting you'll see it's been awhile.


I'll spare you the excuses and reasons as to not getting anything new up...but I did have a yard sale, visited a flea market for the first time, attended a birthday party where I was a caricature artist and shit-load of other really I wasn't just sitting around doing nothing :)

First off, update: the quilt is done, the quilt is done! If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, LOL, maybe you'll remember this little piece I posted a while back...well the final outcome can be seen below:

The rest of these images are for some of the work I've been doing on the side lines lately, one of which was for a friend at work, her daughter turned one and they threw a big birthday party for her. I was asked to draw caricatures for the kids. She had a whole Garden Gnome theme going with mushrooms everywhere and all kinds of cool's a picture of the birthday girl and a snapshot I snagged of the cute cake she had made....I want one for ME!!

Last but not least, I was commissioned to paint a portrait for a friend. Her mother recently passed away and she had this really tiny image of her, from an old photo booth. While talking, she mentioned it was her favorite picture of her mom but because it was so small she couldn't really do a lot with it. Now, this is something I don't regularly get asked to do but I completely jumped at the chance of creating a sort of concept/portrait. Her style and the ideas we came up with while discussing possible outcomes for this painting made this a really cool piece to work on and I'm so happy with how it came out. The first image is an in-progress shot to make sure I had line and structure in the areas I wanted it...we were keeping a very flat look to everything and making this a very graphic/tattoo styled piece...while the bottom picture is finished piece in the very cool frame she picked out :)


Rose Hudson said...

wow Kelley that commission (Mom) looks amazing! It's so differnt to what I see from your other work :) real nice! And I love the cute lil drawing of the little girl, awwh to think that little girl is going to grow up and keep that with her! Good god that cake was huge, I want it! How was the flea market? Did you do any haggling? :)

Ooooh and the quilt looks amazing btw, it really looks like it took you a heck of a long time! Congratulations :) glad to see you back on blogger!

busylizzy said...

`bout dang time you posted something, you slacker. lol You can't get made at me cuz if you do, I won't let you play with my toys anymore! I'm glad to see you posted what you've been doing. Your peeps wanna see what you're doin'.