Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm not dead, I promise....

I just totally forget to take pictures when a project is completed and then it's two months later and I realize like a total dumbass that I have neglected my blog all over again. So sorry...so here they are...a few of things I've been up to lately.Above is another entry in my Alice book. My original group fell apart, there were only two of "reliables" left so we decided to search for new groups...this one is currently off on another round now.

Below is a present for my Dad. His birthday was in September and let's face it the man loves him his hot rods. So I put him in a pedal car, LOL. My mom was a little peeved he took it to work with him. I think she wanted it to stay at the house.

Below is a new sketchbook I've started, just for myself. Too often I am drawing for others or specifically for a purpose. I don't just sketch for the hell of it anymore, so that's what this one is for.

And this last one is a work in progress for one of my moly x groups. Although her theme was never laid out in stone, Jennifer's book had taken on a Nature theme...so I did my best :) I added some birds and the ocean.

Now this isn't everything...just what I had readily available. Stay tuned for more images shortly!

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busylizzy said...

I was only a little peeved. lol I love little Alice and the Queen screaming! Too cute.